AGENDA 2019:

Thirst4Function (UK) 2 DAYS COURSE @ UCLL Heverlee

23th & 24th november.


Are Your Knowledge and Practical Skills for assessing and training the Shoulder 100% Up-To-Date?  If you have any doubts, Thirst 4 Function’s Functional Shoulder Course is the solution. 

As a Movement Professional, you need to be confident that you can approach every assessment and treatment session with the latest skills and knowledge. 

Success, trust and patient referrals don't just benefit from an up to date understanding of relevant research and its practical application. They rely on it. 

 Shoulder pain and dysfunction can affect people of all ages, from office workers to high performing athletes. So you need to be confident that you can assess and provide ap-propriate treatment to the wide variety of patients and clients who walk through your door. 

What Is the Thirst 4 Function Shoulder Course? 

This two-day course is developed and delivered by Chris Wilkes of Thirst 4 Function. 

We delve deep into the core principles of human function to give you the most relevant research, information and practical strategies that you can apply in your practice right away. 

You'll develop best practice skills for integrating assessment, treatment, rehab and exercise prescription into every patient session. We also cover aspects of behavioural science, so you can finetune your communication skills. 

You'll return to work with a comprehensive approach to assessing movements, resolving symptoms, and improving the function of your patients and clients. 

This course specifically focuses on addressing local pain and dysfunction in the shoulder but explores the relevance and impact of the entire kinetic chain. 

Who Is It For? 

Thirst 4 Function's movement specialists and experienced teachers have developed this course for Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Sports Rehabilitators, Sport therapists and other movement professionals like personal trainers.

Exactly What You Will Learn: 

We use a principle-based system, drawing from scientific literature, research, peer experiences and case studies. Our groups are small for an interactive, lively and valuable learning experience proven to work. 

You'll go back to work with: 

  • An updated understanding of upper extremity biomechanics so you can confidently assess movements that are most relevant and important to your patients or clients.
  • Crucial observation skills so you can quickly and easily break down complex movements in to simple components and increase the efficiency of your assessment. 
  • The knowledge of how individual anatomy influences function so you can individualise every part of your patient interaction.
  •  Hands-on active treatment techniques to bring your manual skills up to date with the latest scientific research and understanding. 
  • Best practice communication strategies to empower your patients or clients and develop healthy long-term legacies from your interactions. 
  •  The ability to develop and prescribe functional exercise and homework to facilitate high levels of compliance and build patient or client self reliance. 

What Sets T4F Apart? 

If you know anyone who's been on a Thirst 4 Function course, you'll have heard that we're really quite different to traditional training providers. Our courses are based on solid principles and research, but we don't believe in classroom-style learning.  

You won't be sat down for hours taking notes from PowerPoint. Instead, we book small groups to ensure lively interaction and plenty of practical experiences. 

You'll be learning from each other as well as from your skilled and experienced tutor. You'll benefit from information and research, and you'll update your practical skills and abilities. Everything you need to assess, treat and prescribe exercises more effectively.  


Date: 23th & 24th november.

Location: UCLL Hogeschool, Hertogstraat 178. 


  • Saturday: 9:00-16:00
  • Sunday:   10:00-16:00


  • Normal ticket price: €495 (1-17 november).
  • Early bird price: €395 (until 31 october).
  • Special discount (sign up with 2 colleagues from the same company): €345 (until 31 october).

*Food (lunch) & drinks, manual and T4F certification are included. 


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